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Sunday, 25. August, 2019

// We’re looking for you!

You don’t where you can put all your creativity to work while you’re not studying? You’re the most creative person around your friends and you can visually present your concepts and ideas on paper and digitally? Terms like aesthetics, proportions […]

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Wednesday, 31. July, 2019

We’re more than just architekts

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Monday, 17. June, 2019

Our cooperation with AmKo-Living

ZWEI15 // Projektplanung The road together: from the first ideas, through countless sketches and production planning, and finally to the first prototypes – and this is just the starting point. We will keep you posted on the latest news.

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Thursday, 30. May, 2019

Today is Father’s Day!

Dear Fathers, Please take your time today and spend it not in the office or doing things somehow related to your job. For your children you’re not only their fathers, you are their heroes, they look up to you – […]

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Wednesday, 29. May, 2019

Special price 2019

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Monday, 13. May, 2019

Our project: Research center in Jülich

Errichtung eines Verwaltungsgebäudes in Modulbauweise „KLEUSBERG“.Eine rasante Rohbau-Fertigstellung von ca. 5000m2 in nur 12 Arbeitstagen ermöglicht den sofortigen Beginn der innenausbau Gewerken. Die perfekt abgestimmten Bauabläufe und die Gewerketaktung zeigt bereits in den ersten Wochen die Resultate und Vorteile von […]

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Saturday, 27. April, 2019

AOK Company run 2019

Get ready to take part! Today ZWEI15 team have started our training and opened the jogging season of 2019. It means from now on – put on your jogging shoes, fitness bracelet, switch on your fitness tracker on your smartphone […]

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Wednesday, 17. April, 2019

ZWEI15 team wishes everybody happy Easter holdiays

The days of spring are wonderfull because they come exactly when one needs them. Jean Paul

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Sunday, 20. January, 2019


We firmly believe that the youth in Germany represent a very important component of a reliable and stable future society. Sport and sport clubs play a very important role in building such a society. Fair play, team spirit and assertiveness […]

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