// Commercial building MG 01-22

Location : Throughout Germany Builder : Mega-Garagenparks GmbH
Customer : Mega-Garagenparks GmbH Services : Planning

Planning of buildings for warehouse and office use throughout Germany.

Developing a project for construction of warehouse and large garage complex. The building itself is constructed using a 1-floor timber frame construction. The area of an individual unit is approx. 25m². The individual units can be merged together. Additionally, a 2-floor office building with approximate area of about 125m ² was planned. The complex can be used as a warehouse or workshops, as well as office building for small companies and entrepreneurs.

Magdeburg MG 02:

// Property size: 19,268.00 sqm.
// Built-up area: 15.132,00 sqm.

Würzburg MG 05:

// Property size: 8,138.00 sqm.
// Built-up area: 6,002.00 sqm.

Nuremberg MG 18:

// Property size: 31,857.00 sqm.
// Built-up area: 25.404,00 sqm.


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