// Construction of medical preparation unit AEMP 0616

Location : Elmshorn Builder : Sana
Customer : UHB-Projekt and Munich Medical Mechanics Timespan: 2018-2019 Services : Project realisation & documentation

Construction within already existing building. The reprocessing unit for medical devices (RUMD) at Elmshorn Clinic supplies all departments of Elmshorn and Klinikum Pinneberg with reusable reprocessed medical devices.

The newly built RUMD of Regio Klinik Elmshorn is located on the ground floor of a farm building. There is a cleaning disinfection area, a packing area and a offloading area. The areas are structurally separated. An office for the shift management, staff changing room, sanitary facilities and a lounge are all located outside of the processing area. A personnel lock allows access to the decontamination area and the packing area.

// Existing building reconstruction
// Project realization 2018/2019
// Ventilation with heat recovery
// Medical and technical compressed air
// Steam sterilizers
// Container washing station
// Cleaning and disinfection equipment
// Increased hygiene requirements
// Medical facility engineering

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