// Medical facility for sterile goods preparation MOI 00

Location : Bochum Builder : MedicalOrder Instruments
Customer : UHB-Projekt & M√ľnchener Medizin Mechanik Services : Integrated planning, construction supervision and dokumentation

Modernization project. On the grounds of former Nokia site in the city of Bochum, a plant for the processing of sterile goods with a production capacity of up to 90,000 units per year was established in one of the existing buildings. The plant consists of several treatment rooms, staff areas and a new TGA headquarters for self-sufficient care.

This commercial construction project was realised for UHB-Projekt-GmbH while not being self-employed.

// Modernization project within steel construction hall
// Realization period 2012
// Quick construction (about 6 months)
// Ventilation system with heat recovery feature
// VE-water treatment plant
// Compressed air supply for technical and medical purposes
// Steam sterilizer and disinfection devices, container washing system
// Strict hygiene requirements for the building

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