Location : Dinslaken Builder : SBS Niederrhein Gbr
Customer : SBS Niederrhein Gbr Services : Planning & realization

Construction of a two-floor office building with a connected warehouse, the space inside of it is organized in form of two halls, while the middle zone is wider in order to be able to provide space for additional workplaces if required. The floor plan of the building provides single offices, double offices and a large office space in the middle zone. Meeting and staff rooms are organized on the ground floor. Terraces and arcades are also integral and useful element of the building.

Commercial construction project in collaboration with our building partner Astron Buildings.

// Astron steel warehouse construction
// Spans of approximately 32 x 46 m
// Solid monolithic office building
// Infiltration reservoirs below the warehouse
// Green roof / Solar panels / Heat pumps for geothermal energy
// MSR building automation

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