We are a team of professional architects and construction engineers, we tailor our services to your exact task and requirements. We offer you only individual, custom solutions. Our services spectrum ranges from the creation of an individual approach for control and development of your construction project to the actual on-site coordination. Each of the tasks we face every day requires a purposeful approach and thorough preparation to achieve the optimal, contemporary result. Therefore, an integrated approach to a construction project is for us indispensable and that is the only way we work. Timely involvement of our engineers in the development process can help you bring your dreams to reality within the desired time and budget. We are ready to complete even the most challengeable task from such areas as: initial planning of a building, building renovation and building extension. Below is a quick overview of our services portfolio.


Development & Consulting

// Basic evaluation of the project

// Brainstorming

// Conception phase of a project

// Construction financing issues

Before starting any construction project, it is essential to work out the right concept. We support you in the determination & evaluation of the basic layout of a project, as well as in brainstorming and development of spatial concept for your specific needs. You can take a look at concept studies and visualizations and get a feel of a project well before the actual construction starts at the site. We are ready to help you with new construction and renovation tasks – as well as for reconstruction, building extension or expansion.

It is imperative to understand the construction costs at the most early project stage possible. That’s why we take project cost estimations very seriously. We provide your construction project with reliable cost calculations so you can plan and organize financing accordingly. While preparing these for our german customers we consider possible subsidies provided by the government. With us you can plan and build cost-effectively.



// Outlining of building applications

// Planning regulations & construction law

// Government approval of the construction

// Declarations of division

You already have a vision for your building project and need to square things out with the relevant authorities? In order to get the government approval of construction, we prepare the all necessary documents for the building application and submit them to the construction supervision department. Among those documents are declarations of division and outlines of building applications.

Our architects are authorized to provide building permits and will assist you in every question regarding government construction laws and regulations. When talking about constructions pre-orders, your project idea or concept will be checked promptly with regard to the existing planning regulations and construction law. By letting us check the projects’ details beforehand and handle all the interactions with authorities, you can be sure all the requirements of authorities will be met and no unexpected costs will arise. You can concentrate on more important things while we handle all the construction planning.



// Execution of construction work

// Contractors coordination

// Preparing decision papers

// Turnkey object handover

Most of the times, clients do not have enough time to deal with the complex issues and coordinate a long list of contractors to work together. Right from construction start to its completion, your project will be overseen by our competent architects and engineers and handed over to you ready for use.

We completely supervise all the services provided and prepare all the necessary papers for the construction process. You can check the status of the project whenever you want, all the respective documentation is supplied to you on a regular basis regardless. Your involvement is reduced to minimum, so you can continue devoting your time to your business. Let us do the project management for you.



// Structure planning

// Building physics

// Thermal insulation certification according to energy saving regulations (EnEV)

// Green construction

Our service range covers also specific areas, such as structural design and building physics. Our engineering team will prepare all necessary static calculations and also check all building physics aspects keeping in mind thermal insulation issue. Thus, all the crucial requirements are being taken into account already in the design phase of construction process.

We take all necessary measurements for a sound insulation in accordance with DIN 4109, prepare thermal insulation certificates in accordance with DIN 4108 and EnEV 2016 (German energy saving regulations). Our team always works towards achieving the highest energy saving standard possible for every construction project we working on.



// Logistics buildings

// Warehouses

// Car parks

// Sport facilities

Your company needs a customized production facility or warehouse? As a partner of Astron Bulding GmbH for hall construction we provide turnkey solutions for your individual industry construction needs. Right from the start we advise you and plan the new building(-s) with full accordance to your specific requirements. Astron steel warehouses and logistics buildings are the best solution for everyone who needs individualized, yet high-end business facility to be constructed within given time and budget.

It doesn’t matter if you need a warehouse, a production building or a car park for your employees – every wish can be fulfilled with the Astron systems!

Want to learn more? Tell us what you have in mind and see our team in action!

Astron Buildings



// Safety and occupational health on the construction site

// Working conditions laws and regulations

// Safety coordination

// Regulation of the construction site

We coordinate the measures in full accordance to the general principles outlined by §4 of the German Working Conditions Act (Arbeitsschutzgesetz) when planning the execution of the construction project. We determine the safety and health conditions of the individual contractors on the construction site as well as other individuals taking part in operational activities. Additionally we analyse the possible influences the construction site can have on nearby area.

We identify and outline ways to prevent safety and health risks. We work in full accordance with German Regel zum Arbeitsschutz auf Baustellen (RAB30), which regulates safety and health regulations on the construction site.

Safety is our top priority!


We are happy to discuss your project. Complex issues can hardly be explained in a few lines of text. Therefore we invite you to send us your questions or requests by e-mail or you can just give us a call. Let’s get to know each other and how we can help you out!




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