Sunday, 25. August, 2019

// We’re looking for you!

Sunday, 25. August, 2019

You don’t where you can put all your creativity to work while you’re not studying?

You’re the most creative person around your friends and you can visually present your concepts and ideas on paper and digitally?

Terms like aesthetics, proportions and spatial composition do not scare you away?

Then send us your application today!

We’re looking for a new member of our team to join and help us to take part in the upcoming competition in September.

So, are you still interested? We’re waiting for your application.


We are happy to discuss your project. Complex issues can hardly be explained in a few lines of text. Therefore we invite you to send us your questions or requests by e-mail or you can just give us a call. Let’s get to know each other and how we can help you out!




0234 79 20 44 89

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